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Easiest sewing machine for beginners - step by step guide to find your own

Do all the sewing machine options overwhelm you? And you wished there would be a one fits all solution?

While there is no one fits all solution as the sewing machines are as unique as your personality there is a step by step guide that can help you to choose a machine that's just perfect for you, your needs and your budget.

In this free video series I share a proven step by step strategy to find your perfect sewing machine!

  • Three days
  • Three videos
  • Three steps to get clarity

Day 1:

Quick overview how it works plus 3 key questions you need to answer

(worksheet included)

Day 2:

Learn all about the most common and important sewing machine features and what they are for.

(worksheet included)

Day 3:

A sum up of everything we have learned. A checklist that will help you to stay within your budget and highlights all the features you need.

(Checklist included)

Sign up today and set your first goal in your sewing journey!